The Dog Days of Summer

Is it hot this summer or is it just me? So thankful to be back in the pool, starting to travel again but my favorite thing has been enjoying the backyard during a hot and sunny weekend afternoon with my crew and our 1 year old Aussie, Blu. The dog days of summer truly are here and we are going to take advantage of every moment for the month of August.
I have loved every moment as my husband and our little one rip and race around the house spraying each other with the water hose, tossing water balloons over the house - yes over the house, and playing hide-and-go seek. While they are running amuck, I am sitting back with the shades on enjoying a nice rose because I love me some rose all day - let's be honest who doesn't. 
But anyone that knows me, knows I do not like the flying insect types but they love me like I love wine! Most people walk out the door with their keys, purse and I add a little citronella candle and some bug spray when I go outside in the evening whether we are staying in the backyard or going over to a neighborhood friend's house for a little happy hour. 
Avoiding the flying insect types and creating something that actually smells good was my inspiration in the smells of Don't Bug Me. It was a lot of fun making these candles this summer as we got creative and used bourbon, whiskey, colored wine bottles and even yogurt jars to make tea lights that added a small yet nice touch to my favorite lounge chair.
Thank you for all your support this summer and if you are going to soak in those last rays outside, let us know how we can make them smell even better - without the pesky insects.