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Recrafted Designs upcycled wine bottle terrarium eco friendly packaging

Daou Clear Wine Bottle Succulent Terrarium

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This is a Limited Quantity Daou Clear Wine Bottle terrarium upcycled from Daou Winery's beautiful Rose bottle.  The glass has white etching in a unique design that makes this item stand out from the crowd.  

From the handcrafted process of cutting, sanding, and planting; each piece is distinctively beautiful with unique characteristics making no two pieces being exactly alike.  Each item is especially handmade just for you.  

This terrarium is made with a variety of succulents and may vary from the website image based on freshness and seasonal availability. 

This item measures approximately 3.5" wide at the base and 3.5" high. Limited Quantity.

All products used to make and package our terrariums are organic, eco-friendly, all natural, and/or recycled.