Sunshine, beaches, pools, friends and backyard BBQs

My favorite time of the year is right around the corner...25 days to be exact! However, we all know this coming Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of Summer - the start of sunshine, barbecues, beaches, pools, friends and evenings in the backyard. I am soooo excited to get this summer of all summers started after missing out last year. 
One of my favorite things about the summer is the tastes and smells that comes with it. Not the sunscreen, sweat and dirt from my kido's summer camp - but the good stuff that makes summer summer. I have been anxiously waiting for this summer and could not be more excited. 
I'm a planner so here is my checklist for this summer:
  • Lots of walks on the beach picking up driftwood and sea glass 
  • Many many backyard barbecues with friends and family featuring my sea salt and lime rimmed Micheladas
  • Enjoying many glasses of white wine sangria my favorite rose all day
  • Drives down the PCH with the windows wide open to feel the ocean breeze with the music up loud and singing like nobody is listening - you know you do it too. 
To get us started for the summer - check out our new smells and enjoy free shipping with code "PRE-SUMMER-SALE-2021" by June 20th. I hope that you too will have an amazing summer this year because we all know that we have earned every smell, taste and moment.