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Sunshine, beaches, pools, friends and backyard BBQs

My favorite time of the year is right around the corner...25 days to be exact! However, we all know this coming Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of Summer - the start of sunshine, barbecues, beaches, pools, friends and evenings in the backyard. I am soooo excited to get this summer of all summers started after missing out last year. 

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This Year Smells a Little Different

We have carefully curated our first series of candles after lots of experimenting in the kitchen. Lots and lots of commentaries like "what on earth is that?", "now that is amazing!", "that smells yummy!", and "ummmm.....that smells like teen spirit..hahaha". After many scent-filled moments, we are thrilled to share our favorite smells and aromas with you to have a New Year that smells a little different. 

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