Where My Ladies At?

The month of March this year takes on a whole new meaning for all of us. The groundhog has come and gone, the rain is starting to wash off the winter gloom, and Spring is right around the corner. Yes it is and we need this particular Spring more than ever. The smells, the colors, the hope that comes with Spring is what I am really looking forward to the most. I cannot wait! 
This March - Women's History Month - is one that I am striving to work with other female owned businesses so that we can grow and support each other together and make our mark in the world. Majority of my bottle donors - you know who you are - are my girls. What do we have in common - the love for wine, laughter and elevating each other.
One of my supply partners of succulents is an incredible woman that I have met along this journey.  We will be co-hosting a booth at the SoCal Etsy Guild Fair in Orange, CA this Sunday the 14th (https://www.leaorganics.com/). Come stop by and I will be handing out discount cards to everyone who stops by. 
I am so excited to fling into Spring this March and hope you will join me in celebrating the new smells, colors and designs that come every year - especially in 2021. Thank you very much for all of your support and for following us on Instagram and Facebook. If you have any ideas for new smells, new phrases for our terrariums or just want to chat - please leave a comment below or hit us up on IG and Facebook @ReCraftedDesign. We would love to hear from you and your story! 
xoxo - Tiffany