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Let's Celebrate!

April is a very special month for me as it is my Birthday month and I love to celebrate all month long with friends and family.  This year is still a bit throttled down with COVID still lingering over us, but that doesn't stop us from continuing to enjoy our favorite wines over Zoom if we have to.  Life is good so why limit it to just one day....trust me it is fun and we enjoy many a bottle of my favorite rose and sparkling wines from vineyards from all over the world.  But every time we enjoy a bottle of wine, it reminds us of the lack of recycling and the millions of bottles every year that are thrown out and...

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Where My Ladies At?

The month of March this year takes on a whole new meaning for all of us. The groundhog has come and gone, the rain is starting to wash off the winter gloom, and Spring is right around the corner. Yes it is and we need this particular Spring more than ever. I cannot wait! The smells, the colors, the hope that comes with Spring is what I am really looking forward to the most. 

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This Year Smells a Little Different

We have carefully curated our first series of candles after lots of experimenting in the kitchen. Lots and lots of commentaries like "what on earth is that?", "now that is amazing!", "that smells yummy!", and "ummmm.....that smells like teen spirit..hahaha". After many scent-filled moments, we are thrilled to share our favorite smells and aromas with you to have a New Year that smells a little different. 

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